Business Plans

A business plan is a guide/a roadmap for your business that outlines goals and details how you plan to achieve those goals.

The business plan does not have to be a long, formal document, but it has to be relevant. Every business has huge benefits to gain from going through the business planning process, but only a small subset need the formal business plan document required for seeking investors or supporting a commercial loan.

You can it start simple, and grow it organically. LINK will make the task of writing a business plan less daunting. Your business plans can be simpler, shorter, and easier to produce. Do not write a plan by going through the motions just meet investor or bank requirements they will see right through it. Plans should be relevant, clear, concise and easy to read.

Many think business plans are only for starting a new business or applying for business loans. But business plans are also vital for running a business, whether or not it is for a new loans or new investments. Existing businesses should have business plans that they maintain and update as market conditions change and as new opportunities arise.

If you’re serious about business, taking planning seriously is critical to your success.

Who needs a plan?

Start ups Businesses

Existing Businesses 

“We can help you create the perfect business plan for your vision.”

Types of Business Plans

One Page Plans

Internal Plans

External Plans 

What does a Plan include

Executive Summary

Company Overview

Products and Services

Target Market

Marketing and Sales Plan

Milestones and Metrics

Management Team

Financial Plan


We take the stress out of writing a business using what we call a sectional approach

It is a very simple process:

We write the business plan in sections, starting with Executive summary;

We will set up one on one meetings with you complete each section;

We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish;

During these meetings we will obtain as much information as we possibly can on your vision/goals to enable us to assist you in writing the plan;

Finally we will go through a review process to ensure that the plan is achievable and your goals are realistic.

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