Link International Group Ltd.

About Us

Link International is an independent Professional Service team dedicated to providing a full range of cost analysis, bookkeeping, payroll and man- agement account services to companies.

We work closely with our clients to deliver practical and relevant support specific to their business needs.
With us and through our Partnerships our goal is to help you establish
accounting records/ accounting system and to handle the preparation of your monthly financial statements. We will consult with you to look at
ways to increase revenues and reduce costs. We’ll assist you with busi-
ness planning and designing a custom strategy based on your specific circumstances to maximize your company’s potential

Our goal is to become a premier accounting and consulting firm for businesses and individuals in the Cayman Islands.

Our firm has extensive experience working with many businesses in a variety of areas. We work with other accounting firms, through our cross referral network, to ultimately achieve all the objectives of our clients.

We have a dedicated team of qualified professionals with deep industry experience and technical expertise to manage a multitude of tasks ranging in complexity and size.

We aim to offer high quality solutions to our clients across multiple industries, and we strive to surpass our client’s expectations with every single project. With the help of our consultants, small, medium and big companies are able to achieve results.

Сore values & our advantages

360° approach

Our strong conviction is that, if a business is to be optimized, it’s to be optimized in a full cycle manner! Our expertise spans from accounting, business consulting to HR and Marketing.


We perform our work with integrity and honesty and we are consistent in what we do based on strict ethical accounting and business consulting practices. We do not comprise on our belief system.


Client information is kept in the strictest of confidence. We do not share client trade secrets and/0r operational strategies. Our approach builds trust with all our clients…

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our bookkeeping and accounting solutions provide fast turnaround times. We will work together on setting up specific deadlines to have your information ready. This ensures that your financials are current to confidently make accurate and informed financial decisions about your business. Average small to midsize company loses between $50k -$75K a year in profits simply because they are not monitoring their business and its financials closely enough. Our team of accounting professionals has extensive knowledge and expertise in accounting principles, so they understand the critical nature of accurate and timely data and the importance of adhering to established accounting procedures and reporting deadlines.
Up to date bookkeeping can significantly impact cash flow management and projections. Recognizing the fundamental importance of timely and accurate record keeping and how that impacts cash flow management is essential to running a business. Perform regular reconciliation of bank accounts. In addition prepare cash flow forecasts daily, weekly, monthly or as frequently as appropriate. We will help you focus on your business’s accounts receivable collections to improve cash flow and negotiate with your vendors to extend better credit terms. Our team can assist you with ensuring that your accounting information is update and accurate.
No, this is not our field of specialization. But we can assist you in sourcing other local accounting firms that provide these services.
Depending on its size companies need a bookkeeper, controller and CFO. Retaining all three can be impractical given a company’s financial resources. A bookkeeper can’t perform Controller or CFO functions. Hiring a Controller level employee to perform general bookkeeping functions is too expensive and an unwise use of resources. We provide clients with a scalable solution. All of our clients are assigned a highly qualified, dedicated account representative who is knowledgeable in accounting principles and processes. The account representative is supported by a team of accounting professionals who are available to perform higher level functions on a part-time or short-term basis if needed.
We can assist you with getting financials prepared for your bank, even if you have never prepare one before. Our professional team can meet with you, walk you through the process of getting information prepared in order to prepare your financials. We will also meet with your banks to make the process as seamless as possible.