Our new HR Advisory Service will provide support to organisations who, even with the best teams in place, may not have enough resources to service the demands of today’s overburdened HR department and/or small business owner who needs to maximize their employees’ output. This new offering will provide support in human resources, talent management, strategic communication and organisational development as a back-office resource for key deliverables in real-time. This one-stop shop will allow you to provide us with the context and relevant details of what you need and have us customize your output. We leverage our internal team of seasoned HR professionals to provide your outcome on time and more cost effectively than having to retain a full-time consultant.

The team will be led by Allison V. Manswell, CPTD is a Certified Professional in Talent Development who also holds the Certificate in Human Resources Management from the Cayman Islands Society for HR Professionals (CISHRP) and has 25 years of experience in organizational effectiveness. Ms. Manswell is an internationally recognized expert in human resources and related disciplines and who is best known for her ability to design and deliver learning experiences that shift behavior. Out team members consist of local Caymanian HR professionals and others who have worked in Fortune-ranked companies around the world with a diverse combination of professional experience and expertise.
Our packages are designed to flex, based on the size and scale of support needed. Regardless of which program you start with, you will be able to adjust as necessary and pay only for what you need. It is almost impossible to compile a complete list of deliverables available; however, the list below outlines the categories of service offerings. We anticipate providing additional support services as our clients identify the type of support they need. Please contact Allison Manswell at allison@linkgroup.ky to have a conversation and understand your needs more carefully.